OT9_Eagle_OfcScope of Project:

OT9 Design was commissioned to design a contemporary open office space for a St. Petersburg based technology firm. The space consisted of 2,500 square feet of corporate interior, including 2000 square feet of open office, and 500 square feet of conference rooms.

The conference space includes a traditional conference room as well as a contemporary stand up space with dry erase paint for collaboration and idea generation, a huddle room for private phone calls and focused tasks and a “chill lounge” for causal use.



CEO-Desk-and-WindowUnique Challenges:

  • Working within tight budgetary constraints
  • Collaboration with building owner – overcoming loss of 500 square feet after construction docs, which included a redesign while under construction to make it fit in actual space
  • Acoustics for open office space – in open spaces ancillary noise and ambient office distractions can make it difficult to focus on tasks. To aid in noise reduction we introduced white noise and used as many soft/fabric materials as possible.
  • Round windows in the “chill lounge” – used to create unique features for company culture



OT9 was able to keep project within a reasonable budget by coordinating design with CI Group for furnishings and to finish lection. This enabled OT9 to focus on architecture and the flow of the space.

The redesigned state-of-the-art space resulted in a contemporary recruiting tool to aid in demonstrating company culture.