Interiors are the solutions we bring to clients with unique existing spaces that require a different approach to the green field solutions of architecture. It presents different problems in that the container is usually already there and the parameters for the client may have worked differently than the new space but our solution is the same. We strive to create a crafted and innovative solution for the complex problems and present them in simple, elegant ways. It is done with the collaboration of the client, the contractors and the designer making the development more holistic and completed while removing as many surprises from the process as possible. Communication is our secret to our projects success.OT9 Design’s Interiors includes, custom residential, primary school, retail and restaurants.  Our staff have experience in museums, aviation, science and technology, justice and corporate head quarters.

OT9 Design Plans Gallery for Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination
Grace Lutheran Sanctuary is wrapping up
Drift House
New Approach Hair Salon
Eagle Datagistics